Things Police Officers Want You To Know

I found this interesting little article called “45 Things Police Officers Want You To Know”  (by Michelle Crouch) but don’t worry we wont go over ALL 45! Here are some of the ones that I thought were important :

1.The news can be misleading.

2. We appreciate being appreciated.

3.We know people are afraid, and that bothers us.

4. We get nervous too.

5. We act out of self defense.

6. Doing what we ask helps everyone.

7. Stories about shootings can get blown out of proportion.

8. We get angry when officers abuse their power.

9. The tactics we use should be revisited.

10.We want to get to know you.

Now I know what some of you are possibly thinking, yes not all officers think these things but most do. The news can be misleading, we all have experienced that, gossip that gets blown out of proportion and I know we all appreciate being appreciated. Police officers admit that they know people are afraid and that bothers them, they don’t want people to be afraid of them, there job is to protect and serve the people. They get nervous too, which if you try to look at it from there shoes, I don’t know about you but id be nervous too, they have a huge target on there back these days and they just want to be able to go home after there shift is done. Doing what they ask helps everyone. For the most part if you just do what they ask, you most likely be on your way faster and in less trouble. They agree that just how it makes us mad, it also makes them mad when an officers abuse there power. I police friend of mine recently told me that if I ever found out or saw a police officer do something they are definitely not supposed to be doing, to report it to someone higher up in the line then that of the police officer. The tactics police use, some police officers think that some of them should be revisited, which I think theirs always room for improvement in my opinion and lastly they say they want to get to know you, you have to realize that MOST police officers become police officers to help people, not hurt them.


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