Police Reform Continued..

Here I am again reading the retired police chief’s blog. He talks about how we want change to happen overnight and how can you get anything done in a four year political term in office. Change takes time and commitment, according to him and his experience it takes seven to ten years, “In my experience, to significantly alter the culture and practices of an organization like a police department takes at least seven and more likely ten years.” He goes on to talk about how its not just one individual or leader its a whole department, about “An organization that can practice the right values of a free society, and leaders who are mature, emotionally intelligent, and value human persons. Its also about those leaders having the passion, patience and persistence to be the embodiment of those values and thereby influence those around them.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, I agree with him, it takes a certain kind of person. He then has a list about police reform some of them include. 2. “The central factor (but not only) in police reform is the chief of police. He or she must be experienced, with strong internalized constitutional and ethical values.” Which is very important, in my opinion our government is walking a very thin line when making laws on if it violates our constitution or not, one reason I maybe shouldn’t do police work, i’m not willing to break away from our constitution, its everything. I have recently wondered on if I should do some other work, like juvenile probation officer, I guess we will see. Another one he lists is 6 “Changing and improving police, however, is not a singular, top-down effort. Reform police chiefs must have a mayor, city council members and community leaders in their corner. Without this kind of community – wide support and understanding as to why improvement needs to happen, change will either never begin or soon falter.” Which is true, reform cant happen over night, it takes time, dedication and community support.


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