From Dinner To Dead.

Officer Jermey Henwood, 36, he was apart of the San Diego police department for four years and was a captain in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and was back from his deployment, He was on his shift when he thought it would be a good time to grab something to eat for dinner. He stopped at a McDonalds for dinner along with a boy from the neighborhood he was buying dinner for. Shortly after grabbing dinner with the boy he was sitting in his patrol car, 6 blocks from the McDonalds when a man pulled up on the side of his patrol car and shot him with a shotgun. He passed away a day later. The police department eventually ID him as Dejon Marquee, 23, the suspect and was in a stand off with them and was eventually shot and killed. Stories like this get to me, it was a random act of violence. He was sitting In his patrol car just after grabbing dinner for not only himself but also for a local boy and on top of that I don’t know what anyone gained from that both Officer Henwood and the suspect Dejon Marquee both died. It was for nothing. During Officer Henwoods memorial service he was promoted to the rank of major. Its just a sad situation all around. I don’t know what people like Dejon are thinking about when they kill a police officer at random or what they woke up thinking about, why they would want to, just because maybe they had a bad encounter with a police officer and now think that everyone who carries the badge is automatically the same way, or a maybe they did it to just do it. Its sad that police officers in my opinion have to constantly look over there shoulder, even off duty.

From article “Officer Jermey Henwoods Final Act Of Kindness” by Lindsay Hood and Joseph MD Young.


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