A New Friend

Officer Ronald Saladin works at a (un-named) school were he works as a school resource officer. 6 year old Braylon Hensen is a 1st grader there, who suffers from a genetic disorder (Ectodermal dysplasia) which basically means he was born without sweat glands, so if it gets to hot outside (74 degrees to be exact), its not safe for him to go outside as he could over heat. So while all his friends are outside on the play ground playing he has to sit inside most days, that’s were Officer Saladin comes in. One day Officer Saladin saw Braylon sitting by himself and asked him if he wanted to patrol the school with him and they have been best buddies since then. Officer Saladin bought Braylon a little police uniform so he could play the part and walk through the school with him. The friendship gained Braylon some popularity among his class mates. Braylons mom was so happy because “He felt left out, and I didn’t want him to feel left out”. She was afraid he was going to be bullied and she says that “its defiantly a blessing,like it was meant to be”.

I love this story, I couldn’t imagine a 6 year old not being able to go out and play with his friends, i’m sure he was probably very sad. It was so kind of Officer Saladin to befriend Braylon. I’m sure those two are still best buddies. There are so many stories like this, so many positive stories, I hope your perspective may be changing if you have been reading and keeping up with my posts.


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