A Pair Of Boots and A Bottle Of Water

One day in Odessa Texas officer Walsh got out of his patrol car and got out a pair of boots that he didn’t use that were one size to small for him and gave them to a man named Anthony young who he saw on his patrol route regularly and noticed one day that the soles of his other shoes were very worn out. Anthony who is known to be stubborn and not accept help from anyone, even the church, did eventually take the help officer Walsh offered after officer Walsh made a deal with him and convinced him to take the boots. He also gave him a bottle of water. Anthony would only take the boots if Officer Walsh agreed that Anthony would eventually pay him for the boots. Officer Walsh says that his act of kindness was nothing special, he says he tries to help as many people as he can. He also stated “Iv always had a pretty obscure way of helping people, I do what I can” in my opinion Officer Walsh did a kind act, something small it may seem but I’m sure it really helped Anthony Young. The story went viral after a store shop owner snapped a picture of it. In my opinion this is one of the reasons that someone wants to become a police officer, to help people, in any ways, he didn’t have to give the man a pair of boots and some water. I think that if you don’t help people when you don’t have to like that as a police officer your doing it wrong. There are so many similar stories of police officers doing things just like this and it goes unheard, I think that the public would be surprised if they knew that police officers did things like this more often. One of the reasons that it goes unnoticed is because police officers don’t want it made into a big deal in my opinion, there just doing there job and trying to help someone.

From the article “Texas officer gives homeless man helping hand” by Nathaniel Miller.


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