Police Reform – Blog Post 1

Its 7:13pm on a Tuesday night and here I am about to write my thoughts and reflection on another blog post from a retired police chief (The same one from my last post) talking about the ideas and the hope for police reform. Listening to the noise of my fan and my 1 year old snore (Yes he snores) the more tired it makes me but this is an important matter to write about so I should probably get going. Starting out he talks about how he has seen improvement over the years, “More police are college educated, more diverse (women ,blacks ,Hispanics), and have technologies that most of us could not even have dreamed of in the 1960s” Which in my opinion is very true, more and more women are picking up the badge, more are going to college (Fun fact, Not all states require you to have a college degree, most states just require you to take training for a prolonged period of months). The technology he talks about has increased immensely, which can be so much help to police officers and to the public. Yet he goes on to talk about how he hasn’t seen it change enough, “Yet I have a nagging feeling that, perhaps, the actual practice of policing has not improved as much as I hoped it would have. I say this understanding that I have been influenced (as you have) by a flood of online videos that have captured the worst of police practices”. With the improvement of technology it is harder and harder to get away with deviant behavior, which I hope will help to keep the bad cops (Who really shouldn’t be cops) in check or at least capture evidence that they are not doing there job how any respecting police officer would. He goes on to talk about some ideas that could help reform our police some of them are great ideas like “Requiring all police applicants to hold a 4 -year liberal arts degree” and another one I thought was good was “Periodically and consistently survey the community”. Which surveying the community would of course have to be done anonymously or in my opinion people would not come forward, especially if a police officer has done something wrong, those are the people who are supposed to help and protect you, who would you turn to now?. I think that the vetting process for becoming a police officer should be more in depth (As if it couldn’t get anymore personal) if possible to try and get rid of the bad apples before they have a chance. Its now 7:28 and I’m surprised it only took me that long to write this, I hope this article got some people thinking or just be more informed or at the very least I hope you found it somewhat of an interesting read.


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