From Tickets To Gift Cards

In the article (by Linda Hernandez) Commander Brian Peters, a retired police officer (From Minnesota) gave out gift cards instead of tickets on his last day of work. He had been on that specific patrol route for 14 years. A lot of people got nervous when he pulled them over he said, until they realized what he was doing. The gift cards were worth $50 each (For target and cub foods). Brian says “seeking out citizens who could use some extra money for groceries or school supplies” I think what most people don’t realize is that police officers are people to, who have feelings and a family just like you and me. I think Officer Peters wanted to show that police officers care too. One woman said “I got a little sacred, but he came to me with some good news, I didn’t know what he was coming over here to me for, it was a surprise, he blessed us and I am really happy about that.” Officer Peters handed out the equivalent of his last paycheck. He said “The citizens and city have been wonderful to me. I am very blessed, so it feels good to give back.” I think this was a wonderful example of a positive story. I’m sure many of those people were shocked at the time and hopefully it helped them when they were in need of the help, but I bet when they hear the word or see a police officer on tv they will think of that time Officer Peters gave them a gift card and remember that not all police officers are bad.


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