Blog Tours – Ians Blog

In Ians blog ( ) his whole topic is about sneakers! What makes a good sneaker, best places to buy sneakers, best sneaker brand deals, most overrated sneakers, most innovative and the best sneakers of 2018! In the best sneakers of 2018 I found it kind of interesting / shocking, although personally I wouldn’t want to wear any of the sneakers listed it was still interesting to see what people thought were the best. According to Ian five things make up a good sneaker, 1.Comfort, 2.Quality, 3.Style, 4.Price, 5.Fake vs Real. The best places to get sneakers are footlocker, goat app and stockX. Iv heard of footlocker but never have heard of goat app and stockX, something to look into if your looking for a different pair of sneakers and want to try somewhere knew, although if you dont like shoe shopping online that may be a problem. I liked all the shoes that he shows on the most innovative category, they all looked really cool and looked like they were a good shoe overall. One of the shoes that looked really nice was the nike zoom shoe under the most innovative category, it says “You’ll experience them all with nike zoom our innovative and explosive cushioning system designed for speed and agility. The technology uses pressurized air and tightly stretched fibers to absorb impact and then snap back for fast movement and reduced stress on muscles, joints, and tendons”- Nike. Sounds like a great gym shoe. I think Ian did a really great job on his blog and put a lot of work into it. The design is nice and the categories were really interesting, I think most of us dont put to much thought into the kind of shoe were buying, maybe Ian’s final project will help us to put more thought and find a more quality shoe the next time we go shopping.

Blog Tours – Hayvens Blog

I found Hayvens blog ( )  to be a enjoyable read. Reading about sports injury’s I found it interesting to read about because I used to be very active in sports (Specifically Boxing) but not so much anymore, just the gym now). Hayven talks a-lot about his first knee injury and bone bruises. The definition of bone bruises that Hayven got from University Of Rochester Medical Center was “A bone bruise is a traumatic injury to a bone that is less severe than a bone fracture. You might think of a black and blue mark on your skin when you hear the word bruise, but bruises can also happen in muscle and bone. This happens when an injury damages small blood vessels and causes blood and fluid to leak into the nearby tissues and blood vessels.” When we think of bone bruises we always think of a black and blue mark like if we fell and hit our knee. Hayven also talks about his first knee injury, which happened to be in Lake City (My old school k-9th). He says “We were stacking the box anticipating the run and I had gotten down blocked and at the same time, I had turned my back to that player. This meant he was pushing me from behind. I had planted my right leg in order to turn out of the block and get back to the play but the second I planted my leg I had instant pain. I had locked my leg out and down into the mud. I had immediate pain. I dropped down and Instantly knew something was wrong. This is the best way that I can describe the pain. Imagine taking a red-hot railroad nail and pounding it into your knee. Brutal?” I love the way Hayven wrote it, using descriptive words, helps us picture what was going on. Must of hurt pretty bad. I think Hayven did a really good job with all of the posts and it was all written very well and it was fun to read all of his posts.

A New Friend

Officer Ronald Saladin works at a (un-named) school were he works as a school resource officer. 6 year old Braylon Hensen is a 1st grader there, who suffers from a genetic disorder (Ectodermal dysplasia) which basically means he was born without sweat glands, so if it gets to hot outside (74 degrees to be exact), its not safe for him to go outside as he could over heat. So while all his friends are outside on the play ground playing he has to sit inside most days, that’s were Officer Saladin comes in. One day Officer Saladin saw Braylon sitting by himself and asked him if he wanted to patrol the school with him and they have been best buddies since then. Officer Saladin bought Braylon a little police uniform so he could play the part and walk through the school with him. The friendship gained Braylon some popularity among his class mates. Braylons mom was so happy because “He felt left out, and I didn’t want him to feel left out”. She was afraid he was going to be bullied and she says that “its defiantly a blessing,like it was meant to be”.

I love this story, I couldn’t imagine a 6 year old not being able to go out and play with his friends, i’m sure he was probably very sad. It was so kind of Officer Saladin to befriend Braylon. I’m sure those two are still best buddies. There are so many stories like this, so many positive stories, I hope your perspective may be changing if you have been reading and keeping up with my posts.

Things Police Officers Want You To Know

I found this interesting little article called “45 Things Police Officers Want You To Know”  (by Michelle Crouch) but don’t worry we wont go over ALL 45! Here are some of the ones that I thought were important :

1.The news can be misleading.

2. We appreciate being appreciated.

3.We know people are afraid, and that bothers us.

4. We get nervous too.

5. We act out of self defense.

6. Doing what we ask helps everyone.

7. Stories about shootings can get blown out of proportion.

8. We get angry when officers abuse their power.

9. The tactics we use should be revisited.

10.We want to get to know you.

Now I know what some of you are possibly thinking, yes not all officers think these things but most do. The news can be misleading, we all have experienced that, gossip that gets blown out of proportion and I know we all appreciate being appreciated. Police officers admit that they know people are afraid and that bothers them, they don’t want people to be afraid of them, there job is to protect and serve the people. They get nervous too, which if you try to look at it from there shoes, I don’t know about you but id be nervous too, they have a huge target on there back these days and they just want to be able to go home after there shift is done. Doing what they ask helps everyone. For the most part if you just do what they ask, you most likely be on your way faster and in less trouble. They agree that just how it makes us mad, it also makes them mad when an officers abuse there power. I police friend of mine recently told me that if I ever found out or saw a police officer do something they are definitely not supposed to be doing, to report it to someone higher up in the line then that of the police officer. The tactics police use, some police officers think that some of them should be revisited, which I think theirs always room for improvement in my opinion and lastly they say they want to get to know you, you have to realize that MOST police officers become police officers to help people, not hurt them.

Police Reform Continued..

Here I am again reading the retired police chief’s blog. He talks about how we want change to happen overnight and how can you get anything done in a four year political term in office. Change takes time and commitment, according to him and his experience it takes seven to ten years, “In my experience, to significantly alter the culture and practices of an organization like a police department takes at least seven and more likely ten years.” He goes on to talk about how its not just one individual or leader its a whole department, about “An organization that can practice the right values of a free society, and leaders who are mature, emotionally intelligent, and value human persons. Its also about those leaders having the passion, patience and persistence to be the embodiment of those values and thereby influence those around them.” I couldn’t have said it better myself, I agree with him, it takes a certain kind of person. He then has a list about police reform some of them include. 2. “The central factor (but not only) in police reform is the chief of police. He or she must be experienced, with strong internalized constitutional and ethical values.” Which is very important, in my opinion our government is walking a very thin line when making laws on if it violates our constitution or not, one reason I maybe shouldn’t do police work, i’m not willing to break away from our constitution, its everything. I have recently wondered on if I should do some other work, like juvenile probation officer, I guess we will see. Another one he lists is 6 “Changing and improving police, however, is not a singular, top-down effort. Reform police chiefs must have a mayor, city council members and community leaders in their corner. Without this kind of community – wide support and understanding as to why improvement needs to happen, change will either never begin or soon falter.” Which is true, reform cant happen over night, it takes time, dedication and community support.

From Dinner To Dead.

Officer Jermey Henwood, 36, he was apart of the San Diego police department for four years and was a captain in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and was back from his deployment, He was on his shift when he thought it would be a good time to grab something to eat for dinner. He stopped at a McDonalds for dinner along with a boy from the neighborhood he was buying dinner for. Shortly after grabbing dinner with the boy he was sitting in his patrol car, 6 blocks from the McDonalds when a man pulled up on the side of his patrol car and shot him with a shotgun. He passed away a day later. The police department eventually ID him as Dejon Marquee, 23, the suspect and was in a stand off with them and was eventually shot and killed. Stories like this get to me, it was a random act of violence. He was sitting In his patrol car just after grabbing dinner for not only himself but also for a local boy and on top of that I don’t know what anyone gained from that both Officer Henwood and the suspect Dejon Marquee both died. It was for nothing. During Officer Henwoods memorial service he was promoted to the rank of major. Its just a sad situation all around. I don’t know what people like Dejon are thinking about when they kill a police officer at random or what they woke up thinking about, why they would want to, just because maybe they had a bad encounter with a police officer and now think that everyone who carries the badge is automatically the same way, or a maybe they did it to just do it. Its sad that police officers in my opinion have to constantly look over there shoulder, even off duty.

From article “Officer Jermey Henwoods Final Act Of Kindness” by Lindsay Hood and Joseph MD Young.

A Pair Of Boots and A Bottle Of Water

One day in Odessa Texas officer Walsh got out of his patrol car and got out a pair of boots that he didn’t use that were one size to small for him and gave them to a man named Anthony young who he saw on his patrol route regularly and noticed one day that the soles of his other shoes were very worn out. Anthony who is known to be stubborn and not accept help from anyone, even the church, did eventually take the help officer Walsh offered after officer Walsh made a deal with him and convinced him to take the boots. He also gave him a bottle of water. Anthony would only take the boots if Officer Walsh agreed that Anthony would eventually pay him for the boots. Officer Walsh says that his act of kindness was nothing special, he says he tries to help as many people as he can. He also stated “Iv always had a pretty obscure way of helping people, I do what I can” in my opinion Officer Walsh did a kind act, something small it may seem but I’m sure it really helped Anthony Young. The story went viral after a store shop owner snapped a picture of it. In my opinion this is one of the reasons that someone wants to become a police officer, to help people, in any ways, he didn’t have to give the man a pair of boots and some water. I think that if you don’t help people when you don’t have to like that as a police officer your doing it wrong. There are so many similar stories of police officers doing things just like this and it goes unheard, I think that the public would be surprised if they knew that police officers did things like this more often. One of the reasons that it goes unnoticed is because police officers don’t want it made into a big deal in my opinion, there just doing there job and trying to help someone.

From the article “Texas officer gives homeless man helping hand” by Nathaniel Miller.

Police Reform – Blog Post 1

Its 7:13pm on a Tuesday night and here I am about to write my thoughts and reflection on another blog post from a retired police chief (The same one from my last post) talking about the ideas and the hope for police reform. Listening to the noise of my fan and my 1 year old snore (Yes he snores) the more tired it makes me but this is an important matter to write about so I should probably get going. Starting out he talks about how he has seen improvement over the years, “More police are college educated, more diverse (women ,blacks ,Hispanics), and have technologies that most of us could not even have dreamed of in the 1960s” Which in my opinion is very true, more and more women are picking up the badge, more are going to college (Fun fact, Not all states require you to have a college degree, most states just require you to take training for a prolonged period of months). The technology he talks about has increased immensely, which can be so much help to police officers and to the public. Yet he goes on to talk about how he hasn’t seen it change enough, “Yet I have a nagging feeling that, perhaps, the actual practice of policing has not improved as much as I hoped it would have. I say this understanding that I have been influenced (as you have) by a flood of online videos that have captured the worst of police practices”. With the improvement of technology it is harder and harder to get away with deviant behavior, which I hope will help to keep the bad cops (Who really shouldn’t be cops) in check or at least capture evidence that they are not doing there job how any respecting police officer would. He goes on to talk about some ideas that could help reform our police some of them are great ideas like “Requiring all police applicants to hold a 4 -year liberal arts degree” and another one I thought was good was “Periodically and consistently survey the community”. Which surveying the community would of course have to be done anonymously or in my opinion people would not come forward, especially if a police officer has done something wrong, those are the people who are supposed to help and protect you, who would you turn to now?. I think that the vetting process for becoming a police officer should be more in depth (As if it couldn’t get anymore personal) if possible to try and get rid of the bad apples before they have a chance. Its now 7:28 and I’m surprised it only took me that long to write this, I hope this article got some people thinking or just be more informed or at the very least I hope you found it somewhat of an interesting read.

Ticket To Fromula

One Saturday on a cold January day Officer Roby (with the London police department in Kentucky) got a call that somebody had been shoplifting, now I know what your thinking, some deviant teenager who stole a video game or something. That’s not the case here, Officer Roby showed up to see a single father and his 6month old baby boy. The father had stole a can of formula. Officer Ruby said “Me citing him for court wouldn’t have done any good for him, He’s already short on money, cant afford formula, so making him appear in court, he’s still not going to have any food for that baby” So Officer Ruby bought the man several cans of formula and the store decided not to press charges. Officer Ruby says “You see your son or your daughter in that little carrier and you think what would you want somebody to do for your son or daughter” If I would of got that call I would of done the same thing, not saying what he did was okay but its understandable. Officer Ruby goes on to say “Behind the uniform, I’m a human being and I’m a person out in this community just like any of them, I have a little boy. I’m a father just like that gentleman was, were not these robots, there’s a human behind the badge” Just like the last article I wrote about this officer also wanted to show that he is also just a person with feelings and a family, not a robot who doesn’t care. I think it was great of him to buy that father several cans of formula, one less thing that dad has to worry about for awhile (Formula is overpriced in my opinion anyway, again not saying what the dad did was okay).

From Tickets To Gift Cards

In the article (by Linda Hernandez) Commander Brian Peters, a retired police officer (From Minnesota) gave out gift cards instead of tickets on his last day of work. He had been on that specific patrol route for 14 years. A lot of people got nervous when he pulled them over he said, until they realized what he was doing. The gift cards were worth $50 each (For target and cub foods). Brian says “seeking out citizens who could use some extra money for groceries or school supplies” I think what most people don’t realize is that police officers are people to, who have feelings and a family just like you and me. I think Officer Peters wanted to show that police officers care too. One woman said “I got a little sacred, but he came to me with some good news, I didn’t know what he was coming over here to me for, it was a surprise, he blessed us and I am really happy about that.” Officer Peters handed out the equivalent of his last paycheck. He said “The citizens and city have been wonderful to me. I am very blessed, so it feels good to give back.” I think this was a wonderful example of a positive story. I’m sure many of those people were shocked at the time and hopefully it helped them when they were in need of the help, but I bet when they hear the word or see a police officer on tv they will think of that time Officer Peters gave them a gift card and remember that not all police officers are bad.